Stretch marks

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When I was pregnant I wondered how motherhood would change me. Now, five months in, I have – not the final answer, never that – but an answer: I have not changed, as such, but I have grown. jennygr-stretchmarks-belly

The belly is gone now, mostly, but the stretch marks remain on my skin; a visible, textural reminder that I grew this big growing a new person inside me.

I have mental stretch marks, too. jennygr-stretchmarks-embrace

Who knew I could grow to contain such infinite amounts of love? jennygr-stretchmarks-sleeping

Who knew I have such immense stores of patience and strength to draw on? jennygr-stretchmarks-shadows jennygr-stretchmarks-strength

And finally, who knew that I would feel so much like myself even though life is so different now? jennygr-stretchmarks-table


  1. These are such beautiful reflections – the words and the images.

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