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A week ago today I started a new job. It has nothing to do with photography and a lot to do with making sure databases talk to one another. And that crews have a way of collecting information on maps while they are out in the field. It’s been a week full of new names and faces and information. It’s been a week with very little time for my camera.     
 I am determined to keep taking photographs. It is incredibly hard for me to not take photos. Call it a habit, call it an obsession. Maybe a little of both. I had a friend recently ask me, “Do you just see photos where every you are? I mean, are you framing a shot in your mind as we sit here in the coffee shop or head out for a walk”?  And my only answer was, “Yea, I guess I do.” I hadn’t realized that was what I do, but it is.     One thing about a new job (at least for me it seems) is getting to be in  a new part of  town. While some people might hunt down the nearest coffee shop or the sweetest lunch deal, I am out scoping the light and the colors, textures and lines. And boy, is my new office surrounded with some fantastic examples of these exact things.    I am seeing awesome spots for portraits in each of these frames! I love the repetitiveness and the “same, but different” of each of the buildings. The rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest has patinaed and painted the corrugated siding in ways that only Mother Nature can.    It’s been a big lifestyle switch this past week, but I am going to keep chasing the light (and the color)- one lunch hour at a time.



  1. Beautiful textures and colors Vanessa! I particularly love the 2nd from bottom. I bet you’ll find that your new job launches all kinds of new ideas for your photography!

  2. I love these! In the first shot of the third set, I swear I see a ghost Wolf stepping out of the yellow corrugated wall. You inspire me to take the moments available to get out and capture the beauty that is always there.

    • Oh wow! I will have to look at it more closely! And I love that I inspire you. I like a good walk to wake me up and clear my mind for problem solving- plus, photo taking

  3. Gorgeous – I love how you see the world and it will be interesting to see how your eye shifts now that you are working a different job.

  4. I am drawn to these same things! And those are definitely perfect portrait backdrops. Looks like a great new neighborhood to spend time in!

  5. Once we’ve learned how to really “see”, it’s hard to turn that off. Though I guess I don’t ever really turn it off, I just resist the urge to take EVERY SINGLE picture. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one framing images in my head over coffee with my friends…. 😉

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