Sensational Selfies with a Close-Up View

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In any given week, I take dozens of photos that never see the light of day. Most are snapped off with my iPhone, some with my DSLR and a random few with the disposable camera residing in my purse. Typically, I record my garden and my dog, shoot entirely too many sunsets – not to mention multiple outtakes of my morning coffee – and sometimes I shoot to shut out the world surrounding me. After all, not every photo is for public display, nor worth printing for that matter, but I somehow I feel better knowing that I’ve taken them.

Some images, like Selfies for instance, I like to take, but don’t post every day on Instagram, no matter how favorite a cliché they might be. A few years ago, a friend turned me on to a fun, free app where I can record my selfies all in one place and then generate a video of them streamed together to see what I’ve been doing across the year. (Thanks Jane!) So I downloaded the Close-Up app and then promptly forgot until the following year, when it popped back up on my radar while clearing out my phone. Right then and there I decided I’d give it a whirl. That was in April 2014.

The idea is to take a selfie every day at the same time wherever I might be. The app notifies me, so that I don’t forget, but truthfully, I usually miss the reminder. When I do catch it, I snap off a selfie right on the spot. To be honest, they’re not glamorous photos. Before upgrading to the iPhone 6 with its high-resolution reverse camera, the quality was downright crappy. Yet I love seeing my smiling face across those 16 month, through 6 seasons across 24 seconds, showing me where I’ve been.

In the garden. Driving my car. On vacation. With family and friends. I’m rarely wearing make-up – or have washed my face for that matter – and don’t worry about the clothes on my back. Mostly I’m smiling, but sometimes not. I remember, when I committed to the process, I made a concerted effort to smile, because I wanted to remember myself as happy, even if things were bad. Or sad. Or disappointing. Or downright shitty.

Looking back, I know there were stressful times – believe me, I remember them. More importantly though, I like that I found a smile amongst them. I like that I see snow in my hair, the only time I’ve worn lipstick in years and that it’s a true and honest depiction of me.

Maybe you’ll also want to remember yourself laughing through the seasons. If so, consider downloading the Close-Up App; hopefully you won’t forget about it for a year! Then, without thinking too hard, snap off a capture of your shining face no matter the moment. If you go for it, think about starting your series with a great, big smile. After all, a sensational selfie that’s honest and true, starts deep from within. Then reach out to me and tell me about it. I’d love to hear about your process, your discoveries, and if you care to share, I’d love to see your smiles too.

Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler


  1. awesome, Holly!!!! and I find your words movingly beautiful. congratulations! I hope you keep on taking those precious smiling images of beautiful you! xo

  2. I loved seeing all of those smiling Hollys flash by. I couldn’t help smiling right back at you.

  3. loved this so much, Holly! what a fun app and so happy you shared the images here! Thanks for all you do to inspire!

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