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I love summer. It’s my most favorite season, and while I admit that autumn and spring have their merits, for me, they don’t even give summer a run for her money. We really don’t need to discuss winter, do we?

9-10-15 article

I love the heat, the color, the food, the fun, and, perhaps, most of all, the ease of summer.

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Every year in early August when my mailbox starts featuring back-to-school sales and Halloween costumes, I bristle and resent fall for cutting in too soon. In due time the pallets of watermelons outside the grocery store will be replaced by gourds and squashes of all shapes and sizes, and pumpkin spice everything with be on offer, but in August? Please!

Let me have my aquamarine pools, and rainbow beach umbrellas, red, white, and blue popsicles and carnival lights.

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I will never get enough summer, but today I’m hoping that you, lovely readers, will help me squeeze a little extra bit more out of my favorite season. Yes, I know the calendar has turned, the kids are in school, and we’re officially in fall mode now. But it’s still hot where I am, maybe where you are too? Or maybe you live in the Southern Hemisphere and your colorful, carefree season is just getting underway?

Regardless of where you are, I would love to see your quintessential summer moments and the beautiful photos you made of them. Tag them on Instagram or just leave a link in the comments section where ever you share your photos.

I look forward to savoring each and every beautiful summer moment!

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Keep your eyes wide open,



  1. You make me smile! It’s most definitely autumn here. We seem to have lost the sun along the way somewhere…

  2. I’m a fall girl, but as an avid gardener I also love summer, and am sadly seeing the signs of my garden beds fading and finishing up for the season. What beautiful images of exuberant summer!

  3. More summer, yes! It’s my favorite, too. Still warm here but cool mornings are signaling a change.

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