3 Ways to Store Your Film Photos

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One of the things I love the most about instant film photography is the ability to have a tangible photograph in my hand seconds after shooting.  It’s the reason I have two polaroid cameras and a polaroid back for my medium format cameras. I love the instant gratification of holding my photos!

But after a couple of years, I have found that those film photos definitely add up.  After scanning, my instant film photos usually end up this drawer in my studio.


Admittedly, not the best way to store such precious moments in my life.

If you are like me, with stacks and stacks of photos around the house, you may also be on the lookout for creative ways to display and store your instant film photos.

Here are 3 simple things to try.

1. Frame Your Favorites

3 Ways to Store Your Film Photos - Azzari Jarrett

It may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many photographers don’t display their own work.

Pick a few of your favorites and frame them.  Display them in your home or office. I have found that 5×5 inch frames are perfect for polaroid images.

2. Create a Film Wall

3 Ways to Store Your Film Photos - Azzari Jarrett

I created this wall in my studio a few years ago, and it continues to grab attention.
Simply use a nonpermanent adhesive to adhere your  photos to an empty wall, and they will immediately brighten up the space.

3. Create a Journal

3 Ways to Store Your Film Photos - Azzari Jarrett

Grab a simple notebook or journal and attach your photographs.  Add a few lines of journaling if you wish, or simply let your images speak for them themselves.
I love flipping through this little journal of photos.

How do you store your instant film photos?


    • Hi Katherine,

      I found these 5×5 inch black frames with white mats included at Pottery Barn. I hope this helps!

      My best,

  1. Beautiful. And another excellent reminder to not let our photos (whether film or digital) languish in a drawer or a file folder. Love these thoughts, Azzari!

  2. I love that wall! I think I will have to stick with the framing of the work for now though since I don’t have a space (that is safe from sticky kid hands) at this point. beautiful post!

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