Welcome, 2016

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Some of us had a banner year. We started new projects. We reached major goals. We formed new relationships and fell in love. Others, can’t wait to see 2015 go. We still feel the sting of death, whether it be of a loved one or a marriage. We carry the burden of hard memories and are longing for new ones. And some of us are right there in the middle- life was kind and harsh all at once.


And this is the beautiful thing about a new year. Whether our year was a beautiful ride or unexpectedly cruel, we all stand at the doorstep of 2016 with anticipation and excitement. We get a new start. There is a blank slate before us and we get to begin again.


For many years, I have chosen a word that is what I hold or hope for during my year. Sometimes I have dreaded the word that came to me and others my word has brought excitement and inspiration. By the time my year is over, I am usually thankful for my word and see what insight it had brought me over the months. This year my word is TREASURE. I have many changes coming in 2016 so I recognize the depth my word holds. Do you pick a word for each year? If so, I would love to hear what your word is for 2016.


Happy New Year! May your year bring perfect light, beautiful moments, and many rolls of film to capture it all on.

Staci Lee


  1. beautiful – words and images Staci & your word is so wonderful! I am really looking forward to seeing where it leads you.

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