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Outside, it’s cold and drab, cloaked in muted gray-greens and browns, with patches of old snow and ice dotting the landscape. But inside, there’s magic brewing on my winter windowsill.  Every day, there are little bursts of fireworks exploding in an array of colors and shapes in front of my eyes.

At first, the magic is subtle … a tightly closed bud; the curled edge of a petal as it slowly unfurls.





Then, the fireworks really begin, lighting up the winter days with sensual lines and lush light.






moth white



I’ve become something of an orchid collector — 11 plants so far — and this winter they are rewarding me by all blooming together.  Each day a new bloom pops open, and each plant blooms for several months, meaning there will be winter and early spring color indoors until the outdoor landscape starts to produce its own fireworks.

What brightens your winter windowsill?



  1. So lovely, beautiful and hopeful to see this display at this time of year. I bought my husband an orchid for Hanukkah and it’s been blooming on my kitchen windowsill ever since . . . just about to give up it’s last bloom. Perhaps we need to start a collection. . .

    • Do it! There’s a wonderful rhythm to growing orchids. They bloom for half the year and for the other half there’s promise and anticipation while they get ready to bloom again. Very rewarding.

  2. These are lovely, intimate photos. Composition becomes so elemental: lines, curves, shades. I am particularly intrigued that the totally out of focus picture of the red petals works.

  3. I love all your detail shots; it’s amazing to see the beauty in each tiny detail. I have two orchids preparing to bloom soon…it’s always rewarding to watch.

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