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I set out into the woods the other day with two goals in mind: to be present in nature and to shoot what I feel. I wanted to focus on ignoring the details and the technicals and instead seek out moments that filled me with emotion. So often lately I focus too much on creating an ideal photo, I stress about quality and in the back of my mind I wonder what sort of response my images will receive. I stress about what other people will think. I stress about everything and anything possible. I overthink until I wish my mind had a shut off switch.





So I set out into the woods after having taken a deep breath and calmed my restless mind. I walked slowly, I took in my environment and I let myself be present with all my senses. And then I returned home with simple pictures that remind me of a feeling, a moment, an emotion.

Be calm, be present, and shoot with feeling.
Much love,
Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate


  1. I so relate to this, Jenny. And I absolutely look at these photos and see the story, the feeling – without having even read your words. Lovely.

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