Savoring Moments {and a Giveaway}

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Photography has always been an important way for me to see the world, a way to record and celebrate, a way to make sense of things. In recent years, I’ve become keenly aware of when and why I pick up my camera. I’ve become keenly aware that photography, for me, is a form of meditation.


Much of life moves quickly, and to be sure, there are things with which I need to keep pace. But, when possible, I try to slow down. I allow moments to pause, moments to notice, moments to be.


Over the years, my camera and my writing have become tools of choice. Tools that enable me to work creatively, tools that help me express some of what I see, some of what I feel, some of who I am. They are tools that help me savor the daily goings on.


This work of noticing – and celebrating that creatively – is something I explore in my e-course, 28 Moments. In this course, I guide participants through a gentle exploration of their daily lives. Working with photography and writing prompts, the four weeks are a wonderful chance to slow down a bit and look at things in a new light. And the community aspect of this course, while optional, is really wonderful; the sharing of photographs and writing – the sharing of each other’s lives – amazes me every time.


Today I’m happy, on behalf of ViewFinders, to offer a giveaway for two spots in my upcoming run of 28 Moments (July 11 – August 7). You can read full details about the class by clicking here. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below. Comments will remain open through Sunday, June 5, midnight PST.   The winners will be selected randomly and announced here in this post on Monday, June 6.   Comments are now closed.  (see below for randomly-selected winners)


Good luck and I can’t wait to see who the winners will be!

Update:  The winners are Meg and Lisa Borbely.  I’ll send you both an email later today!
Thanks to all of you who shared in the comments.  And I’d like to remind you that, if you didn’t win a spot, I’ve got a special registration process for this summer run…I’m offering a pay-what-you-will this summer (yep, whatever you can manage). Hope to see you there…



  1. It is all about seeing the wonder in the small things. Look again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m going back to work outside the home soon, after 16 years of raising kids and running my own creative business. I expect (especially at first) it will be a challenge to find and savor the kind of photographic moments I currently enjoy. I would love to win your class. I think it could be really good for me during this transition!

  3. My days would not be complete if I didn’t take time to capture moments of my day. It’s a visual journey of who I am. Sometimes it’s hard in repetitive kind of days, but there’s always a moment, a special moment that needs to be recorded. Thank you for the encouragement and the chance to win a place in your class.

  4. So glad to have found you in this space! Thanks for the reminder that simple lists are often enough and that the wonder is there for the seeing.

  5. I also feel my daily photography break is therapeutic…it gently insists that I slow down, even for just one shot! And I get to share that…and found so much positive feedback…such a lovely side-effect.

    Thank you for you constant reminders to see the little things…live in the now…I’d love a spot in this class, too!

  6. I love what you said about photography being a kind of meditation. I’ve not thought about it in those terms before, but it is that for me, too. For the past year and a half or so, I’ve been saving one image each day in a calendar app on my phone. The act of discovering and choosing that daily moment to preserve is something I really look forward to. Thank you for the opportunity to win a place in your class!

  7. I love what you do, what you share with us, you help me to grow, to stop, to notice by just being who you are. I’m glad to know you. So very glad to know you:) And the fact that you are always so kind and have such a deep care for all of us.

  8. I used to look for those little moments but lately have allowed life (and feeling uninspired) to interfere with seeing the little moments.

  9. michelle…. i love how you pay attention and that it has become your meditation. i so get that. i wish i could take the course, but we’ll be away most of june. you know i’ll be signing up next time!

  10. Slowing down during the day is indeed a gift! May we all learn to pay closer attention.

  11. When I think back over the past week, month or year lately everything seems to just blur together. I know the moments were there, but sometimes I just can’t quite remember things seem fuzzy. Photography does help with these moments. But, I struggle to get the words down on paper. Would love a chance to win a spot in your class:)

  12. Funny how photography becomes such a natural means of expression, comparable to other necessary one such as speaking or writing…!

  13. Lovely habit and rituals, dear one. You inspire.

  14. Noticing the tiny moments is on my mind lately. Michelle’s classes are a great way to practice this habit.

  15. No one captures little moments more beautifully than you, Michelle. ox

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