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I have a confession. I’m in a bit of slump. Photographically. I haven’t touched “my big girl camera” (aka, my DSLR) in a year and half. And that part’s okay as I am in a love affair with film and moving away from digital (although not my iPhone — I haven’t totally lost my mind) is part of my evolution as a photographer. But…the real piece to share with you is that I’m not shooting. Not with my 35mm Canon AE-1, with my Pentax 645N, with my dozen Polaroid cameras…

My photography is lying fallow. Rolls of film not finished, just sitting in the camera…

Rolls of film shot, but not sent to the lab for processing…

And so, what of it? I’ve been feeling guilty. A bit of an impostor when I say I’m a “photographer.” I mean, how can I be a photographer if I’m not shooting, right?

But…land lays fallow for a period of time in order to restore its fertility. Perhaps this is exactly what I’m doing in my own creative land. Lying fallow to restore my juju. To make my eyes fresh. To bring forth the next chapter of my photographic journey.

So there’s my confession. And I already feel forgiven.

Meghan of Life Refocused


  1. I’m quite sure there are many (many, many) of us who understand this, Meghan.
    and I think it takes a brave soul to allow the fallow, to trust in this process.
    beautiful and true, my dear photographer. xo

  2. Biding your time for just the right moment. And I’ll bet that now you’ve put it out there, it won’t be long before you feel pulled to the cameras again.

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