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Flock of birds
Hovering above
Just a flock of birds
It’s how you think of love

And I always
Look up to the sky
Pray before the dawn
‘Cause they fly always
Sometimes they arrive
Sometimes they are gone
They fly on    ~ O by  Coldplay



“Mommy I’m scared about tomorrow and the election.” – Phoenix

I play her this song.

“Phoenix, there are constants in this world. On November 9th, no matter what happens, who wins, the birds will still fly. People will still  hold hands, babies will be born, the leaves will continue to change color, waves will crash, and the sun will rise. I will still love you, we will still be a family.

The birds will fly on.

There is beauty, there is love, it lives, it goes on.

This has been a stressful time to be a citizen of this country. But I am time after time reminded by nature that life is so simple, and also so much more. We only have to look to the sky, or the trees or listen to our loved ones laughter. The images below are just some peaceful moments that I captured when I pointed my camera up, mesmerized.

I thought we might need a little bit of peace today.

Namaste my friends.


moon-1nov2016-2 nov2016-3 nov2016-4


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