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“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”
― Rumi

Today, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing a few images of Love that I love. I honestly find myself looking, searching, seeking out, all of the love that I possibly can right now. I’ve been feeling ( and reeling) bleh over the news in the world as of late. Add to that severe apathy over winter, illnesses in my house, and well, you get the picture because the picture is one that you recognize I’m sure.

Today I looked  over my massive catalog in LR while my daughter watched Trolls for the 5th time in last few days while she convalesces from the flu. I will say,  Trolls is super cute and totally worth the watch- you will laugh and cry and wish hug alarms  and glittergrams were more of a thing . Maybe let’s make them a thing? It couldn’t do any harm that’s for sure!

I opened up Lightroom looking for love. That sounds like a cheap line but it’s true- I made a Quick Collection with love as the focus. I added one. I added five. I just kept going. Spending an hour this way, I have to say, was really awesome. I realized, as I was adding and adding, that love is really the thing. It’s the thing we all need. NEED. We need to feel loved. We need to give love. And it just feels so darn good! Giving and receiving love makes us laugh. It makes us smile. It makes us cry. It makes us jump! It makes us hug harder and longer, it makes us dance, it makes us sing, it makes us feel like that moment is the greatest.  We feel love with our lovers, our friends, our family! We kiss our babies, and our puppies and our best friends on the planet. Looking through Lightroom filled my heart with goodness and made me smile. I’m sure the Trolls did not do any harm in this area of making my heart smile, but an afternoon of love was a good way to spend some time. If you haven’t looked through your LR catalog in a while, I implore you to give it a look. Look for the love, look for the smiles. Maybe give your Facebook feed a break ( and your news feed too) and look at the images that make you smile, that bring you to the love. Maybe you will smile at people, maybe your family, maybe it’s some images of nature. It’s all Love if you Love it. If you don’t have a LR catalog, open up a favorite picture album. I promise it will make you feel good.

Below are the images I added. I feel grateful to have been there for these moments. Looking at them brought the moment back to my heart. I could have added more. WAAAAAY more. I’m sure you would say the same about the pictures that you take. Again, I implore you. Look back at all the love. Smile, laugh, it’s the answer we need. Looking at the love made me want to go out and make some more.


Happy Love Day my friends.






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