Something About Windows

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There are many things I love to photograph. My kids. My tea. My tiny moments. Trees and flowers, hands and feet, doors and windows. Especially windows, lately. There’s something about windows.

They invite us to look out; sometimes they beg us to look in. They frame and contain, literally and visually. They are practical, sometimes ornamental. And I think they tell stories and invite curiosity.

I’m curious about the dividing line that they are, between an inside world and an outside one. I’m curious that I can see through them but, even in that transparency, I feel safety behind them.

There is, of course, the light that always filters through windows. Windows are source. Source of light. Source of vision. And, sometimes, source of daydreams. I love that, in the very practical nature of a window, there can be an element of magic. It’s crazy how much my sunrise replacement windows have forced me to unconsciously re-evaluate the importance of the natural light they provide in my home.

When I’m shooting windows, I especially love the way they look on instant film. With SX-70 in hand – and I especially love black and white film here – there’s a certain ethereal quality. The film captures so well what I feel in my heart. I love my digital camera, but the film here…it just works.

Whether making images of windows or simply gazing out of them, windows hold a special place in my heart. I’m sure they’re a subject I’ll continue to explore. There’s just something about them. What better excuse do I need for buying more packs of film?

***Did you know next week is Polaroid Week?! It is! April 16-21. Play along by sharing any type of instant film. It doesn’t have to be a new photograph, but it should be newly-shared. Tag your images #viewfindersio and #PolaroidWeek #RoidWeek. You can also play along in the Flickr group; click here.

***and, if you didn’t catch Debbie’s recent post on her views through a particular window in her home, click here and have a look. Beauty.



  1. Oh so lovely! I have a passion for windows too and I love the ambiance of your instant film. Captivating and dreamy.

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