You’re (not) such a square

In Film
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little compartments of time and space.
flashes, moments.
thoughts and imagination.
we are all magicians
it’s reality and it’s virtual reality.
flinging the shutter open and closed, open and closed.
burning light onto the dark, over and over and over again. until the reel won’t turn
to the right anymore
and a turn to the left will only mean dejavu.
a fraction of a second that will last a lifetime.
laughter catches in my throat
tears flood over my eyes
music burns between my ears
flowers, booze, the city street and the thick urban air
my nose, my mouth, my mind.
my lap is heavy with this old scrap book with pages
that have lost their stick
and the rectangles of a lifetime ago.


keep chasing that light, Vanessa

(if you liked to see more of Vanessa’s year long- instant photography project, check out her Instagram feed @365_rectangles)