My Camera, My Shield

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The shutter closes
Witness to the moment gone
My camera, my shield.

I wrote that little poem back in August of 2014 as part of a month of Photo + Haiku for my Jar of Inspiration project.  I realize now, more than ever, how I really do use my camera as a shield.  It helps me gather the courage to walk into a room of strangers.  It covers my face as the tears well up at my son’s 5th grade ceremony.  It silences the loud voice at kids sporting events when I feel the urge to “help” the coaches.  It gives me a job at volunteer events so that I feel useful, even if I couldn’t be part of the planning and preparation.

Are you using your camera as a shield?

Shielded – Angie



  1. I do so love these images.
    And yes, I most definitely use my camera as a shield but have never thought about it that way! So true!

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