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Although I don’t consider myself a landscape photographer per se, I am fortunate to live in Northern California, a part of the world where, within an hour or two, I can be somewhere breathtaking. Sometimes hiking, or sometimes just a drive or a roadtrip to take in the view. Sometimes I take my camera and sometimes I don’t, but when I do I make an attempt to capture the feeling of being in these magnificent locations. The joy and healing they offer make up the fabric of my world and I am filled with gratitude that they exist, not just for me but for anyone who cares about the bigger picture – the earth and sky and sea which surround us and which we cannot ever take for granted.

We live here. We must take care of it.  It’s up to us.

In honor of the growing revolution to support efforts to reverse climate change, I offer a few photos from a sunny day in my neck of the woods, and a simple video that captures places I’ve marveled over in my travels (videos from my iPhone).

With gratitude to Mother Earth.



  1. Thank you for this beautiful meditation for my morning. And for the inspiration to look in my own backyard for those bigger pictures, too!

  2. so much gratitude for Mother Earth.
    and for you, with this simple yet powerful (and beautiful) reminder…

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