Italy: Near and Far

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I am currently in Italy visiting family, and in the strange reveries that occasionally occur while recovering from jet lag, Grover from Sesame Street’s anxious yet earnest efforts to teach his viewers the concepts of NEAR and FAR started playing endlessly in my head.  (do take a moment and enjoy…)

After my jet lag subsided, the concept of near and far has become a theme of sorts as I capture the Italian countryside … mostly with my iPhone.  If I take a close-up (often my go-to shot) I’ve been trying to pull back to get a wider perspective too.

Le Marche sunflowers, looking cheerful despite the intense heat…

The Marche region of Italy founded the slow food movement and is rapidly becoming known for its biodynamic farming and wines…

The Italian countryside is dotted with old farmhouses, some restored by locals or expats (stranieri), and some long abandoned or damaged by last year’s earthquakes…

I love pairing images and appreciate how this Italian vacation’s theme established itself thanks to jet lag (and my youth spent watching Sesame Street).

What themes or perspectives are you seeing through your lens this summer?



  1. Hiya Kim! Such wonderful pictures of the landscape, and especially the sunflowers. I’m travelling to Montelparo in August (6th). I wondered if you were still in the area and if so, knew how the sunflowers are fairing. I would deeply love to see some yellow, but fear this summer is all to hot for them to last until I visit. Do you know of any spots I may find some late fields perhaps? Please do not worry if you do not know 🙂

    • Hi Rob – thank you! I’m no longer in the area, but unfortunately the sunflowers were already on their last legs when I was leaving a couple of weeks ago. And with temperatures over 100F, I fear they may be done with their happy blooming for this year. But you may still find the odd field here and there in the valleys where it’s a bit cooler…. Good luck!

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