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There are moments when you take in a big smiling deep breath and look around thinking, “whoa, this is actually my real life. How the heck did that happen?!” As you glance around, characters come into focus in your story, each of them living out their comedies or dramas, their love stories and their heartbreaking tragedies – and if you sit still for a moment you can watch it all. Oh and did I mention, if you chose, you can join in on whatever play those characters are a part of, you can participate in the story which is unfolding on the stage before you. YOU get to pick to get up on that moments stage – decide who you are, how loud and animated or gentle and calm it will all be. You get to dance with wild abandon, or stand back holding up the wall.

These choices are not “good” or “bad”, they are simply that, choices. Making one that feels right at a particular moment is the trick. Early this summer, I had the experience to spend a day with a small group of people at a HUGE event. I didn’t and don’t know the people I was traveling with well, some not at all, and when we got to the event, we were surrounded by over a thousand other people. We were asked to dance, and practice yoga, to run and to sit and meditate. To listen and to engage.

What I realized that day was I could sit back and observe, or if the energy hit, I could dance and whoop and holler (I proudly did both, BTW). And in listening to gut and my heart, I left that day with a sense of really feeling comfortable in who I am and who I have become.

Heck yes I LOVE dancing with a hundred sweaty humans. Heck YES I love sitting back in the shade of a tree quietly watching people learn to hula-hoop and practice acroyoga together.  Setting myself up with no expectations, and therefore no expectation of who I am ‘supposed’ to was and is one of the best gifts I have given myself.

So how does this relate back to photography?  Listening to your intuition about when to hit the shutter button, when to put the camera up to your eye and when to keep the camera tucked away in your bag- it’s all part of the game we play as photographers. My intuition has been one of my greatest tools as I am shooting everything from street to wedding photography.

And, it is also what has told me that it is time for me to gracefully pass out hi-fives, smile and wave a giant, love filled goodbye to the ViewFinders blog.  I have been out here for more years than I can remember right now. Writing, photographing and interacting with this lovely creative community has truly been an honor. One I didn’t always feel I deserved (I mean, have you LOOKED at the talent in this group?!!) But last month, I realized that my energy was spread too thin and that it was time for a new member to take my spot.

Don’t worry, I will still be posting out on Instagram. I post my everyday life at @nvenessie, my professional/client and dslr work on @focus_in_photography, my fuji instax adventrues on @365_rectangles, and finally a new collaborative feed called @_leave.a.message_ If you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest look me up! I love to play tour guide and a photog friend is a good friend to have.

Until then, hi-fives all around and don’t forget…

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa


  1. You will be so missed, lovely. And yes to meeting up when I finally get to your part of the world. Much love and all the best for the future. xxx

  2. Still in a bit of denial about this . . . You were the one who contacted me to see if I’d be interested in joining up. Do you remember? But paying attention to that inner voice is key – and I’ll follow you where ever, love. And we will meet in person one of these days!

  3. i’ll miss you here, for sure ~ but know you are wise to listen to the voice that’s telling you that it’s time to give something up. i keep wondering how to do this… what is essential for optimal growth and contentment?? what can be peeled away because it doesn’t really serve me?? it’s a good question to ask now and then. xoxo

    • Beth– I think it’s a continual and fluctuating task. One thing pulls me and another drags me down. Slowing down to listen to what I need at the moment is so important.
      I’m glad to pass the baton to a new member. I know they will do the blog justice!


    • thank you for inviting me to be a part of this space way back in 2013. It has been such an honor.

  4. You will be missed! But it is an honor to watch you fly, to watch you flourish and to know you are listening to your beautiful intuitive self. We need to have lunch come fall… please!

    • yes please! lunch would be lovely. You really aren’t that far away after all.

  5. Aww Vanessa, you’re amazing. Beautiful post my friend! Xo

  6. You know I LOVE this. We have to follow our deep, knowing voice — always. You will be dearly missed here. Your contribution has been tremendous over the years. All my love to you friend. xoxo Deb

    • litmus test, right? working hard to be okay with what comes out of each test I present myself. thank you for saying yes to this space when I asked. you know where to find me (and I know where to find you!) xo

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