falling into fall

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Here at Viewfinders, we don’t talk much about what we are going to post ahead of time. Yet, again and again, I watch us have similar posts in different seasons of the year and in life. I giggled when I went to write my post, to see so many fall posts set for this week. Fall is in the air, and our hearts can feel its cold weather, dark shadows, and brisk breezes asking us to slow and be still.

I was at a fall day retreat last year and heard an interesting parable. It said that the when trees lose their leaves that the healthy trees lose all their leaves, whereas the dying trees will hold onto some of their leaves… holding onto as much life as they can, even if that life means more of a struggle for them over the winter.

This little parable is so true for us humans. Often we hold onto things because in the past they brought us life, but now they drain us of the energy we need.

With fall beginning, I am asking myself what am holding onto that I need to let go off? What can I release so that my hands can be empty for what is coming next?

Staci Lee 


  1. Lovely, as always 😉 I need to find some time to get out of the city to breath in that autumn air, walk in those crisp leaves and make some photographs!

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