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“Home is the place that when you have to go there,
they have to take you in.”
–Robert Frost

Home is where behind every door, there is love.

Home is where treasures abound.

Home is where everything becomes clear.

Home is a shelter from the storm.

Home is where you are in safe hands.

Home is where it is spring and fall, and all seasons in between.

Home is where there is pie.

Home is where hope floats.

Home is where all roads lead to the sea.

Home is where the sun sets and the moon rises.

Home is where it’s OK to not know.

Home is where there are no monsters under the bed.

Home is where the rainbow ends.

Home is where he waits for me.

Our ViewFinders theme for September is HOME.  What does home look like to you?  Post your images on Instagram and don’t forget to tag them #home and #viewfindersio by September 29th for an opportunity to be featured in our October 2nd post.




  1. Home is wherever we are. I love this post. Thanks for a great new theme – that hits so close to my heart right now.

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