Roadside Revelations

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Two weeks I set out on a little road journey with a friend to look for an expansive sunflower field we had heard about. We faithfully searched up and down country roads but we could not find what we were looking for. Sad, sad sad.  My friend and I had a fun adventure anyway, and I know we will have successful adventures in the months and years to come!  The following weekend, I was traveling home from a family photo shoot when a rainbow field of zinnias nearly took my breath away. Not even thinking I pulled over. I was having a very busy day that day, and I knew I had to get my youngest to an appointment. I stared off at the rows of colorful zinnias and I whispered a promise to return . That return happened the next day when a planned dinner with another friend turned in to before dinner zinnia field adventure.
There have been times in my life when the pull or call of a location goes unrequited.  When I see something ….and I don’t stop. I end up being haunted by these places. Of course sometimes you are just waiting for the right circumstances to set out on photographing a desired location. I have been eyeing this one grouping of trees for years now as I drive past and I finally think this fall that I will be able to photograph there. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or years to feel ready.
Here are my thoughts: Sometimes there are things we choose to photograph, agree to photograph. We say yes for the work. These things keep us busy, and of course so many times these things do fill us up on an artistic and dare I say spiritual level. However, sometimes things come along that we just HAVE to photograph. Sometimes we HAVE to pull over and take the time. These moments are reminders of why we pick up the camera at all. During these moments I feel like a kid again. I hold my breath and and quickly line up one frame and then another. When I finally feel complete, the joy inside my heart is visible. It’s unmistakable. The happiness inside meets the smile on my face. This is my roadside revelation.
I am trying to schedule space for wandering this Autumn. I often let the busiest season for work pass me by unexplored because of sheer exhaustion. I’m trying to leave some space and time open to allow for heart openings.
Below are a few from the zinnia field.
Here’s to following the road, and our hearts.


  1. Oh man! This set is just stunning, Audrey! I LOVE the beautiful, wide smiles too 😉

    “Here’s to following the road, and our hearts.” Amen!

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