Apples and Instant Film

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It’s that time of the year again. We have travelled to the farm for the autumn holiday to spend a few days picking apples, eating mutton and generally relaxing.

Last year was chilly and sunny. This year so far it has mostly rained. We have been on edge of a rain storm that has swept houses into the sea and flooded roads further south in the country. Here we have gotten off relatively lightly; we have discovered a bit of water in the cellars and the news have reported floods digging the foundations out from under the train tracks just south of us. We arrived on the train but fortunately before this happened, and we will hopefully get home as planned since the train line was set to re-open last night.

But then, yesterday afternoon, the sun came out. There’s a tired phrase that describes this perfectly – it was like flipping a switch. And I wish there were such a switch and that I knew how to reach it, because it was a marvel how the world went from windy and grey to calm and brightly autumn-coloured in what felt like an instant.

We coaxed the toddler outside and went to pick some apples; I brought my phone and my Leica Sofort (more on that in a later post). The boy ate an apple straight from the tree (a not-so-common experience for us law-abiding city dwellers) and I experimented with double exposures (and learned, again, that double exposures in bright sunlight is a recipe for overexposure). A good time was had by all.

˜All the best from Jenny Graver.


  1. Pure sweetness.
    Also. I love that you’ve been trying the double exposure on your sofort. I have yet to figure it out, so can’t wait to see if you have any tips!

  2. The colors in these makes my heart happy, and after days of gloom I can only imagine the effect the sunshine had on you.

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