Falling Behind

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It’s inevitable.  During this time of year I’m always falling behind.  (And it’s still technically “Fall”, right?   Yes.  Because I just had to look it up.  Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21st in the Northern Hemisphere.)   Every year the same thing happens, I think I have everything under control and I’ve gotten into a pleasant groove and then WHAM!  All of sudden it’s the end of the year!  I have Christmas cards to make, clients to schedule, shoot and edit, travel plans to make and kids holiday events to attend.  It also means that my personal projects have to take a back seat when the time gets short.  For the month of November, I’ve been trying to shoot on the topic of “Locked” for my Jar of Inspiration project.  So far, I’ve only made it to day 10.  And as frustrating as that is, I’m going to have to let it be.  There’s no use in getting upset with myself or giving up and quitting completely.  This year, I’m giving myself the grace to be behind schedule.  There are so many other things I’ve achieved this month that make up for not getting this one done on time and that’s how I’m going to choose to see it.  Here are a few of the things I’ve been up to INSTEAD of shooting the topic of the month:

I proposed and got approval to teach 2 classes at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center in Denver for the Spring semester.

My daughter had a birthday party to celebrate her 9th trip around the sun:

I had the honor of helping my friend and badass yoga studio owner announce to everyone that she and her husband were having a baby:

I started the initial shooting for the Fine Art Photography class I’m taking as I mentioned in my last post:

And I also managed to get my 200 hour yoga teacher certification:

All in all, I’d say it was worth it to fall behind in one place to get ahead in others.  –Angie


  1. I wish I could take both the photography class and the yoga classes you will teach! Absolutely, it makes no sense to hold ourselves to such rigid expectations that we miss out on opportunities as they arise. Balance is all about give-and-take. Love your fine art image!

  2. You are grabbing life by the horns and your life seems very, very full. Doing all that you need to be doing, or want to be doing is more powerful than what you think you should be doing? xxoo

  3. For me this is the worst month… I’m happy at least someone is not stressing about falling behind 🙂

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