To flare or not to flare

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Sun flare is one of my favorite things to photograph yet, often times, I feel like the sun burst that is created from it directly hitting my lens is a little too much. I’m always in doubt as to what looks right or, on the other hand, what is my creative decision.

When it covers your subject’s face, for example. To flare or not to flare?

Or when it is too strong the person is not recognizable. Yea or nay?

Or the times when it is so strong it distracts you from the subject. Yes? No?

It is easy to remove from many photos if I’d like to, but do I want to? Or do I want to explore my creative choice and give my lens flare a chance in my final image? What do you think?




  1. I think it almost always adds to the image, because it’s dramatic. Thexception would be the portraits, but that really depends on your intention for the portrait. Very nice images.

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