On Capturing the First Signs of Spring

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I am always excited when I see the first signs of Spring.

Each year, I look forward the first trees that bloom.

Most times, it catches it me off guard, as I think, “Surely, it’s not time yet.” But Spring is a reminder that change is constant, that time stops for no one.

Documenting Spring on instant film is always a favorite of mine.

Capturing a time of renewal is something that I hold close to my heart. I find that I can best do this with my polaroid camera and instant film.

I love the muted tones of Spring colors on instant film. It’s almost as if instant film knows that even though there is a hint of warmth, we still need to be prepared for the cool days ahead.

We are not to rush the change of the seasons.

When you see the first signs of Spring, I encourage you to document what you see on instant film.

It may be a good reminder that good things come to those that wait.



  1. Ah, I love instant film…and spring! I can’t wait for the signs to arrive here.

  2. Spring feels so far away, but I know it’s just around the corner.
    And I’ve been waiting to try my new Instant camera so thank you for the reminder! x

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