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“Life is made of seconds”- Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life. – Cesar Kuriyama

Last year, I was driving home to Philly from Asheville North Carolina, feeling especially nostalgic. I had just spent a week with my family on vacation and it had been glorious. Somewhere along I-95 in Virginia, the music had gotten stale, and the kids took to their headphones. It was podcast time.  I wanted to listen to something that both me and my husband could enjoy.  I chose a Ted Radio talk at random. It’s funny how I can easily become so interested in almost every Ted talk that I listen to. I could not tell you everything about the talk we chose, but I remember hearing Cesar Kuriyama speak about nostalgia, making videos, and how it birthed One Second every day.  I did not go home and download the app right away, I actually didn’t remember to do it until December.  My middle name could be Forget!

The idea is so simple.The app is so simple.  You make a videos or pictures.. You add them to the app.You can set daily reminders. You can keep a journal. You can loop your videos. There is a Freestyle option for moments you want to record or add more. I can tell you all of this but won’t you won’t realize how amazing this is until you see your first month played back to you. Again, this is such a simple concept. But it’s the magic of life unfolding before you that will stop you in your tracks. It’s like Don Draper and the Carousel.

Of course you will love to watch your videos over and over again. The app just keeps going so you can log years and years, as long as you have the app. I love to add monthly installments to my Instagram feed. I totally love to watch other people’s videos each month. Again these are  just little moments. But now they are no longer to the wind. As a photographer I love this. It’s a testimony to daily life. The good, the bad, the mundane, the extraordinary. I cry when I see my month in 30 seconds. When I can see a whole year in 3.5 minutes? Or 5 years in 17 minutes? It’s so cool.

I cannot say enough good things about One second Everyday. I wish It was around when my kids were little. Video just used to be so hard, remember? Now, it’s at our fingertips. With this app, it looks so darn sleek too. You upload the videos. The app does all the work.

This app costs $4.99. It’s beyond worth. I would not even question it. Just get it.Below is my January 2018. The whole year was a little too big of a file to share here, so I shared one month. Please visit my Instagram to see the other months if you’d like. Or peruse the hashtags #onesecondeveryday or #1secondeveryday and you can see lots of fellow users. I know you will love it.

Audrey’s January Video click here!!



  1. I started it in April but I forget to record on some days! It is fantastic app, though, I have to agree.

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