Fire, Glass, and Art

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I frequently find art projects that send my mind racing in several directions.  I’m curious by nature and never afraid of a mess.  I’ll bookmark the project and promise myself to try it in the upcoming weeks.  Sometimes I’m good at making those projects happen, but I often find they slip to the background.  Weeks pass, new projects are bookmarked, and time marches on.  Occasionally, I think about how many art supplies we already own and feel guilty about buying more.  At other times, I’ll find that my kids aren’t as excited about the project as I am and I feel disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm.  About a year ago, I came across an art project involving glass, alcohol inks, and fire.  How intriguing is that?!  It blew my mind.  I bookmarked it with grand intentions, but then to-do lists wandered in and the project faded to the background.  A couple of weeks ago, the project idea popped up in my news feed again and it caught me eye.  Now or never.

I made a quick list of what I needed based on this blog post.  I found everything I needed at Michael’s and Joann’s.  You could use any kind of frame.  Having completed this project using small frames, I’m eager to go to a thrift store or antique market to find a  huge frame to use.  Ranger alcohol inks, picture frames, 91% rubbing alcohol, and a lighter are all that’s needed.       

Drip the colored alcohol ink as you desire.  You can use as many colors as you like or just one color depending on the desired effect. 

Once you have the alcohol inks dripped onto the glass, you drizzle 91% rubbing alcohol.  For additional effect, try tilting the glass to swirl the rubbing alcohol thru the color ink.  We did this project outside on the deck for good ventilation and safety.  Once you have the colors added to the glass and have added the 91% rubbing alcohol solution, you light it on fire and watch the alcohol burn off.  This was by far the most favorite part of the art project by everyone involved!  Great family bonding time, I promise.  The glass cools very quickly.  As the kids completed each frame, I set them aside and then added white printer paper to the inside of the picture frame.  Everyone had a chance to create an 8×10 and a 6×6.  It was a genuinely fun project to do and I think it works for any age!  The hardest part was getting the alcohol ink off of your hands.  Quick tip:  wear gloves or use rubbing alcohol to remove the ink from skin.  Once everything was cleaned up, I assorted the individual artwork into frames.  Aside from traveling and cooking, this is my favorite family/friend bonding activity.  It’s never perfect.  It doesn’t have to be.  Truthfully, it’s better if it’s not perfect.  There’s a certain harmony to everyone creating in their own way in a group setting.  At the end of the day, I love to see what we’ve each created.

What are you creating?  I’d love to know!

~ Laura



  1. Wow! This is incredible. I bet you had your kids at FIRE! Haha. The results are so beautiful. Hope you find some good wall space to hang them up.

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