135 and a summer to play

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I recently cleaned out a cabinet of some camera gear and made an absolutely shocking discovery. In the cabinet, way in the back, I found a 135mm lens that was in desperate need of some love. It was my Dad’s lens. A few years back, I remember this moment, my mom brought a box to my home filled with lots of my Dad’s old photo gear. My mom I think told me that she thought she might sell it at one point, but decided that my dad would have most definitely wanted me to have it. I had recently really started a photography rebirth, so I welcomed it with open arms. At the time, I was all about the digital world, having just bought my first digital SLR. So I tucked the Canon AV-1 and lenses in the back of a cabinet. A couple of months went by, and I did start using the camera mounted with a 50mm lens. I fell in love with that camera so dang hard, so much so that if I HAD to make a choice for which camera to go through life by my side I would pick her. It’s like a memory, a conversation with my dad with each click. I often talk to him when I’m out photographing with that camera. Okay, so this past spring, was the shocking 135mm lens discovery for that Canon. I had totally forgot that my mom gave me any other lenses.  I was so floored. Flummoxed. I stopped cleaning. I got my keys. I found a camera shop. I bought some film. I loaded the camera. And I started shooting. And all summer I resisted the urge to put another lens on the camera. I kept with the 135. It is not my wheelhouse, my comfort zone. I kinda love being all up in my subject’s business. I just do. I stuck with it. And by the end of the summer, I had a little collection of favorite images.

I took the Lens to a garden in my area. I kept the aperture low, I was in a bokeh rich mood that morning. I really loved how dreamy and creamy the bokeh turned out.

I took the Lens on Vacation to New England. Again, wide on the aperture. I am such a sucker for that blur.


Here’s a few more faves. I don’t know why that plane flying through the murky dark sky and fog delights me so, but it does.

Most recently, I took the lens to my cousins’ wedding that I was photographing. I love this sweet image.


So the summer has ended, and I’m thinking that I want to see what the Autumn Season looks like through 135mm. It’s my favorite season after all. In a way using my dad’s camera and lens I imagine I’m bringing him along with me for the fun. What he captured, in the lens he saw through, I now use and see. And that makes me so very grateful, so very happy.


Here’s to Autumn memories and the many ways you capture them!




  1. Gorgeous images, Audrey…and the story that goes along.
    It’s so nice to think of you connecting with your dad in this way…

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