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I’ve been diligently trying to stay focused on a handful of creative projects.  I find that each time I begin to immerse myself in the process, the universe throws a curve ball and I stumble.  Sick kids, broken AC, work life, etc.  Fundamental responsibilities that pull me away from my artistic vision.  This month has been no different.  Although this used to really frustrate me, I’ve finally surrendered to the process.  I handle critical issues and then return to my projects in smaller time frames.  Maybe I spend twenty minutes each day instead of three hours.  Maybe I sketch out notes while sitting in the car line at school.  Progress not perfection.  The other day I was carrying my phone, wallet, book, and journal when I realized my thumb was on the shutter of my iPhone camera app.  This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and I find it mesmerizing each time.  The abstracts are beautiful.  The image stopped me in my tracks this morning and I decided to take twenty minutes to play.

And I went in search of colors…

Patterns of throw pillows, paintings, and art work caught my eye….

When I walked into the kitchen, I spied an art journal with late day shadows…

I continued around the house in search of new objects and sunlight.  Eagerly seeking new perspectives of everyday objects…

Sometimes creative projects take months and years to discover and complete.  Other times, they’re serendipity on an early Monday morning.

What are you discovering over your morning coffee?

~ Laura