Focus and Blur

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A lot has changed in the last month for me. I started teaching full time at a local high school and it’s been a dramatic shift in how I function. I’m struggling to stay current with the curriculum that was set by the previous teacher while learning names, schedules and processes that are totally foreign to me. It has required a different way of focusing my time and attention.

I’m needing to be hyper-focused on certain tasks, while other things have moved into a dull blur in the background. I feel like I’m currently functioning in F 2.8 (or lower!) with a film camera. I can’t allow any outside distractions, I don’t get the benefit of wide angle view, and there’s no chance to try it again if I don’t get it right the first time.

It’s a strange feeling for this photographer who’s used to having the benefit of other tools at my disposal. I know that this job will get easier as I practice (just like with photography) but at the moment I’m just like a novice with my camera manual in my hands barely able to do more than press the shutter button.

Hoping to change my depth of field soon, Angie


  1. Wow – this set is incredible, Angie. I’d frame the first and last photos. I love this analogy you’ve used with the depth of field – it works so well. Excited for this new season for you and hoping that you will settle into the changes soon.

  2. Beautiful work Angie! I, too, love your analogy. I think we all experience these ebbs and flows in life, in our work, in general. I wish I could take a photography class from you! I know you’re an amazing teacher!

  3. Angie, such beautiful photos, and I too love the analogy you use here. I know you are going to shine in this new opportunity. I would love to be one of you students.

  4. Thinking of you. And wow! What a perfect analogy. I probably feel like that most of the time if I’m honest!

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