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Happy New Year! Twenty Nineteen! This is still settling in my mind and heart. Anyone else? Does it take time for the new year to settle in with you? Like, when you can’t get comfy on the sofa? Or get in to a proper rhythm, whether you’re running or walking or dancing or even just clapping along to something? It happens to me every year. It takes time. It’s like I’m just off, like when I have a cold. But, it’s a time cold. So while I’m feeling this way, and again, it’s prob gonna be all this month if I’m being honest, I tend to lean in to my grounders- My comfort foods, an extra hug from my kids, my favorite books, pen and paper in my hand, a swipe or two of Frankincense across my temples, my beautiful piece of Rose Quartz in my hand or if I have to part with it, my pocket. My grounders, my heart lines.

If I had to pick a photographic grounder, a true photo heart line, I would most definitely choose the sky. The moon, the clouds, birds. I’m rarely not looking up. In doing some New Moon magic reading this past week I headed to This site and was excited to see that Jupiter and Venus were going to be in this configuration at Sunrise this week.

So, here’s the thing, I’m not a morning person. I’m like four steps below zombie sloth( I mean, truly, imagine a zombie sloth) at 6:15, but, I get up at that time during the week to see Raven off before she catches the bus, and, while I’m up, I take the dog for a little walk around the block. I really wasn’t thinking about the planets the other morning, but of course, my eyes wandered upward, as they always do.

There they were. Venus, and Jupiter, below, and to the left. I excitedly squealed happily to my dog ( he didn’t care) and I ran as quick as my slothlike self could handle back to my house and grabbed my camera. The light was changing every second and by the time I got my settings to an okay spot it looked even different, but I was able to capture it! And a bonus long pink snake cloud. I’m gonna mention I did this in my pajamas, ftw.

In astrology, Jupiter inspires us to grow, expand, and take risks. And Venus? Well she governs love, and astrologically speaking brings positive outcomes. I’d say my heartlines led me here for real. I’m reading it as a very good vibe first week of the new year.

If you are out and about early this January, watch Venus and Jupiter an hour before sunrise- They will meet on the 22nd in the sky, and then Jupiter will rise above Venus at the month’s end and Saturn will be just on the horizon too, just at pre dawn. So jazzed.

Happy New Year to you, and wishing you happiness wherever your path is taking you.

x, Audrey

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