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Shoot what you love, especially when it’s a purple cabbage. Because purple.

I’ve been desiring simplicity lately. Life as a working mother can sometimes make one feel fractured, the day divided up into flurries of tackling small tasks rather than accomplishing big projects. Sometimes reviewing the day as it is winding down reveals that very little actually got done.

So when I had the opportunity to plan some time to unwind, especially when my sister and fellow food lover is in town, we signed up for a food and farm tour where someone else did the driving and set the agenda. We set out on our adventure in Point Reyes, one of my favourite places in the world for Sunday meandering, hosted by Food and Farm Tours.

We soaked up the scenery, we ate, and I took photos of what we ate.


Crusty on the outside, soft on the inside bread from Brickmaiden Breads.
Oysters from the Hog Island Oyster Farm.

Landscapes and the ever-changing weather:


Getting ready to taste sparkling mead at Heidrun Meadery.
The local honey that gives the mead varietals their unique flavour.


Fresh produce from Little Wing Farm, run by inspiring women farmers.
Little Wing Farm’s charming farmstand.

Over the course of the day we had warm sunshine, hail that deafened us inside a barn, torrential rain, massive gusts of wind, and sunshine breaking through the clouds once again. It was a day of luxury, even though we were in rain gear and muddy boots. We were fed and educated, we made friends, my sister and I increased our bond over her first raw oyster, the fizzy taste of mead, and buying fresh greens at a farmstand even though she was leaving the next day and wouldn’t get to eat them. I loved every minute of it.

It was a break from the chaos of everyday life and there are pictures to prove it.




  1. What a perfect day, filled with so many wonderful things! And your photos are the perfect way to relive the experience.

  2. Ooooohhhhh.
    And now I want to visit your part of the world. Again!

    Loving all the lines of things in these pictures.

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