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My husband, Andy, and I just returned from a dream trip to Sicily and Paris. It was a magical three weeks away, just the two of us. We took three cameras each- one medium format, one 35mm, and a digital camera. I loved shooting with all three of them, but because of a little device, I found myself shooting with my digital more than usual.

Andy picked up a Lighting to SD Card Camera Reader before we left. It is so tiny that it fits in a small zipper compartment in my camera bag. I have two SD cards in my camera, which allows me to shoot RAW on one and JPEG on the other. I would pop out the SD card with the smaller JPEG images, put it into my Lightning, and plug it into my iPhone. My digital photos quickly opened in iPhotos. I could select the images to download and have them on my iPhone within seconds.

The Lightning allowed me to share some of my digital images before coming home and without me having to take my computer on the trip. It is a fantastic little device.

Since we have been home, I have noticed I am more likely to take my digital camera. Knowing I can share an image or two while we are still out has added a little instant gratification to my digital shooting. If you have wanted to share your digital photos quickly, and own an iPhone 6 or newer, I can suggest picking up the Lightning. It is a great little device to add to any photographer’s arsenal.

~Staci Lee


  1. Ohhhhh. Such beautiful images!
    I have one of these devices. You have inspired me make more use of it! x

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