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Please welcome our July guest photographer Connie (hmbsurfma), who many of the ViewFinders follow on Instagram. We love her stunning images of her California surroundings.

I wanted to take a moment to say that the process we use to choose our guests is pretty simple — sometimes they post on our Instagram page, or send us a message, but mostly we invite people who we follow on IG. When I contact them their reaction is often the same — pleased, and a little surprised. But I don’t think Connie would mind if I shared her reaction (and the reaction of several others) — “why in the world would you pick me? I’m not a professional photographer!” Some of you have said “I’m just a mom who likes to take pictures,” or “I’ve never studied photography,” or “I don’t think my photos are good enough.”

Well, I’m here to say to all of you: you, and your photographs, ARE good enough. We choose people because we love their images. We don’t care if they’re a busy mom, or retired, or a teenager, or never picked up a camera before last year. If your work speaks to someone, then you are a photographer. You don’t need fancy lenses (or even lenses at all!). You just need to love to take pictures. That, more than anything, makes you a photographer, heart and soul.

With that being said, here’s what Connie’s world looks like:

It took a long time to call myself a photographer, not just someone who takes pictures.  I’ve always had cameras, starting with film and then going digital.  I’ve got all the toys now from film, instant, digital and a mini drone.

I live in the small town of Half Moon Bay which is about 30 minutes south of San Francisco.  I consider myself a landscape photographer.  There is so much to photograph close to home.  I don’t have to travel far to find something that catches my eye.

 Sometimes I will drive past a local surf spot and see one of my sons out catching waves. It’s not uncommon to see whale spouts.  Sometimes the whales come close to shore to feed on baitfish.

There is cypress forest on the bluffs above the ocean. Sometimes it’s dark and moody, other times the sun breaks through the ocean mist creating amazing beams of light. It’s always fun having a friend along to create the human element.

Sometimes I explore the local redwoods.

When I have the urge to take photos, a favorite location is the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  Sunsets can be amazing, and during summer on a clear dark night the Milky Way can be seen. 

Photography is my meditation.  I love being in nature, in the moment.  My husband will tell you that our walks on the beach always take twice as much time if I have a camera with me. Of course I always have a camera. 

With so much beauty close to home, I can always find something to capture with my camera especially when my husband or a grandchild is with me.

Do you want to Be Our Guest?  Leave us a comment below with a link to your blog, Instagram account, or other place you post your images.  You can also send me a message on IG @lucyloomis

See you soon.

xo lucy

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