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Lately I find myself photographing the same things in the same locations. I’ve fallen into a rut it seems. The pull into the garden is strong during the summertime. There’s always something new blooming and varied garden friends to discover. We had a grasshopper and a praying mantis that traveled our perennials beds this past season. Various butterflies and bees that easily captured my attention in the evenings. Most have left us by now. The hummingbird feeders have sat empty for weeks. I feel the shift in the season and the light. It’s time for a change, but where to wander now? When I allow myself to be very, very quiet and alone, I usually find the answer. I’ve been feeling a little trapped in details as of late. I’ve felt a need for fresh air and a change of perspective. Rooftops. I need rooftops.

I’m not sure why exactly, but I almost always start my wander here at this parking garage. The light is beautiful in the morning as it bounces between the buildings. I make my away through the city looking for people, for color, for light/shadow, for the mundane and the unusual. Mostly, I’m looking for a new perspective. I’m looking for connection and whimsy.

I absolutely love watching the way the light shifts through our city. Crisscrossing and creating patterns. It’s delightful and changes with each hour.

The pops of color make me smile and bring me joy. From up high, you gain an appreciation for how it all plays together. Harmony on the street.

I didn’t notice this while shooting, but I think I managed to catch the morning light reflecting off the building. Do you notice the flare at the top?

I’m mesmerized by crosswalks. People coming and going. Stories unfolding. People on bikes and scooters. I wonder what they’re talking about as they walked hunched over shoulder to shoulder.

And here’s what I love most about being up high and watching life unfold below me: humanity. I stood watching this intersection for a few minutes. Buses going by and all of the construction workers. I noticed the pop of color and the geometry. I noticed people on their way to lunch and the flow of traffic. This morning was beautiful with a slight breeze. And then I noticed two men in business suits walking up to the stoplight at the corner. A second later I noticed some shuffling and then I noticed them helping the gentleman in the wheelchair cross the street. I couldn’t tell if the wheelchair was stuck on the rough pavement or what the matter was, but I watched them push him all the way across the street and up onto the sidewalk clear of construction. This gave me hope. People, by and large, are good at heart.

And then I stopped at an old favorite and waited awhile as I watched the scene below. I was beginning to feel slightly disappointed. No buses coming by, no hot dog vendors, no cool cars, no skateboards. I waited. And I finally I found it…shadows of pedestrians wandering by. Do you see it? Once I saw it, I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s good to be curious. It’s good to wonder and wander. It’s wholeheartedly fantastic to change your perspective from time to time.

Won’t you join me? Wander to a different location and show me what you see! I’m curious.



  1. This is such a lovely set, Laura. I occasionally go to the top of the parking garage at work as well, but I don’t have nearly the same king of interesting view as you do! I love the idea of changing perspective. I too get in a rut, and it’s nice to change things up every so often. There’s SO MUCH to see, and SO MANY ways of seeing.

  2. These images are so good! Each and every one of them.
    And I adore the way you are challenging yourself out of that rut. More please!

  3. Laura, these are so good. I too, get in such a rut. There are so many ways to see things, this has inspired me to maybe step back, or up to look at things with different eyes.

  4. Friend, these photos don’t feel like a rut. They feel like music. Your instincts are so good, have faith in them.

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