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I know. I know. You’ve seen posts about windows from me before. But I can’t help it! Windows call to me, and beckon me to stop, witness, ponder.

From time to time I look back at my photostream, and I am struck anew by just how much I am drawn to photographing windows. (A few of my fellow ViewFinders have a similar obsession, so I don’t feel so alone.) My first post as a guest ViewFinder was about windows, and whenever I travel to a new place I find myself drawn to windows in historic buildings.

Windows are a timeless theme in photography. There’s the photographer who spent years photographing the same window. There are exhibits centered around the subject of windows, where windows are seen as a metaphor for photographic vision. Windows are a natural frame, a portal to another space, a magic mirror reflecting us back at ourselves. They speak of time, a sense of place, architecture, and imagination.


Join the obsession! Show us your windows! Share a link in the comments, or tag your IG images #viewfindersio_windows.

Happy full moon, happy solstice, happy holidays, and happy 2020.



  1. Lucy, This collection of windows simply makes my heart sing! I know there are many reasons for us to be drawn to windows. For me, it’s the light – always. And you’ve done a beautiful job of showcasing the different tones and qualities of light and the way that light moves us. These are pictures that call out to be shared – and I’m grateful for the way they move me deeply.

    I’m a little window obsessed, too. You can see a couple of my favorites in my post, from the inside out.

  2. Something so undeniably evocative about a window. I love them all, but I’ve got a soft spot for over the sink kitchen window sills.

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