Where I’m Pointing My Camera These Days

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I began this year, as I imagine some of you did, with the intent to shoot a 365 (this being a leap year, it actually means it’s a 366).  One photo each day.  I began in earnest, as I’m sure all of you did too.  I was sharing my daily photos on Flickr and enjoying being back there more regularly.

Fast forward to today. I’m not sharing my daily photos on Flickr though that’s perhaps another story for another day.  I am still taking my photos each day though.  Trying to be disciplined, making space to feel inspired. It works some days, less so on others.

But the thing I want to share is this:  I’ve noticed that I’m turning the lens on myself more and more lately. 

Self-portraiture isn’t new to me; it’s a practice I hold dear.  It’s just that some seasons of my life find me making more (or less) of this kind of photo than others.  But recently, yes, I’m placing myself in the frame more and more.

A few weeks ago, I took a photo and I thought to myself (it was almost odd how clearly I heard a voice inside say):  Ah, there you are.

It was such a tender thing. That photo, that voice.  And once I made that photo (heard that voice), I knew that more would follow.  And they have.

I’m currently in a season of life where there’s lots of change.  Changes in motherhood and family life, changes in self.  It seems fitting that I’m finding my way back into a more intentional self-portraiture practice.

Photography has always been a way for me to make sense of things.  It’s always been a way to slow down and pay attention – in a specific, focused way.  So, yes, these self-portraits…I feel sure there will be more of them in the collection of images I make this year.  There’s a lot going on that deserves reflection.

I don’t expect the self-portraits I make will answer all my questions.  But I suspect they’ll give me framework.  As I said, photography is a way for me to make sense of things.  I’ll continue turning the camera to whatever catches my eye (my heart).  Some days it will be the light falling onto my desk.  Some days it will be my teenage children.  And some days…it will be me.

Wishing you joy in wherever you point your camera these days…



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