In Black and White
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The school year ended without a lot of fuss.

The staff at the school came in and cleaned out all the lockers, put everything in giant bags and slapped labels with the students names on them.

The yearbook crew came in and shoved the books into everyone’s bags. The parents and students came through the drive at the front of the school, gloved and masked teachers brought the bags to the cars and sterile exchanges were made.

And now everything is done. It doesn’t feel gratifying to end the school year this way.

It doesn’t seem right to leave so much left unsaid, so many high fives left hanging, so many hugs left empty.

Feeling empty – Angie


  1. Angie, These are pictures that will mark this place in time, when we felt loss so deeply. It’s important to look for acceptance and meaning that may come from this pandemic, but it’s also important to let ourselves feel grief. I hope that the memories in those yearbooks will far outweigh the sadness of this ending. Even in the empty hallways and classrooms of your school, I see hope in the horizon.

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