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“September tries its best to have us forget summer.” – Bernard Williams

We have a routine now.

Alarms go off, the sky not yet open for sunrise. My cats wait to come in. It’s chilly, even for them. Liquid sounds in the morning; coffee brewing, showers and washing machine. Breakfast. Pass the orange juice.

Pull out chairs, stretch. Yawn. Ready. Headphones and distant voices. Bathroom breaks, little snacks. Lunch. Sandwiches.

Afternoon and things slow down, we catch our breath. Smiles slowly appear, shoulders relax. Bathroom breaks, little snacks. Then done. Afternoons are lazy, evenings even more. Dinner. Pass the salt.

Lounge in bed, read a little. Then alarms are set, the sky closed after sunset.

We have a routine now.

We forgot summer already.


  1. Back-to-school season is my favorite. A fresh notebook and a favorite pencil. A new book. Quiet routines that settle my mind. These images remind me that it’s never too late to learn.

    • I love this time of year too but it’s been especially difficult with distance learning. I wish things would go back to the way they were…

  2. I absolutely love September … but this year it’s been a bit bitter sweet… school is back , social distancing is needed and I already miss my lazy summer days … thank you for this lovely read Maite!

  3. I see in this your flexibility, your ability to adapt. Hopefully, hopefully not for too much longer.

  4. I am still in denial about September, but your post is definitely helping me remember that I do like autumn really.

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