the mountains are calling

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There’s not many places to visit safely during this current pandemic. With three girls home for months, we were all due for a change of scenery before school started back (virtually). After careful planning, we decided to visit the Blue Ridge mountains.

Azzari Jarrett - Viewfinders

The cool mountain breeze and breathtaking views did wonders for our souls.

Azzari Jarrett - Viewfinders

We rented a cabin deep in the mountains and spent most of our time outdoors. Every morning, I enjoyed my coffee on the deck.

Azzari Jarrett - Viewfinders

We spent our days hiking and finding hidden treasures – waterfalls and paths that seemingly led nowhere.

Azzari Jarrett - Viewfinders

It was a just what we needed – a socially distanced getaway and a reconnect with nature.

Azzari Jarrett - Viewfinders

This trip reminded me that nature is not cancelled. Sunrises and sunsets are free, and a deep breathe while watching a waterfall drowns out any doubt or fear in your heart.



  1. Azzari, Your last sentence will be my mantra for this season. Love the tones of these photos! We have a short trip to the mountains planned for early November and your photos will be my inspiration – hoping to see in this way, too. Absolutely beautiful!

    • Thanks so much Donna! I hope that you enjoy your trip in November. I have a feeling we will book another trip soon.

  2. So beautiful. I can just imagine the happiness you and your family must have experienced. x

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