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“Most of all, I keep working because I trust that creativity is always trying to find me, even when I have lost sight of it.” – Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

The past few months has found me struggling at times to even pick up my camera (unless it is to take photos of my sweet grandson). And when I do pick it up, the photos are so-so, taken without much purpose or intent. But I keep at it, for I know that creativity will find me only if I am open to it. 

There are days that it does not come easy and I have to force myself to head out with the soul purpose of taking photos. Uploading those photos onto my computer later, I can see that something is missing. I am not fully engaged, often shooting the same thing over and over, for I have other things on my mind. But I keep at it. 

A few nights ago while making dinner, I paused to take a photo of the beautiful fall vegetables I was getting ready to roast. It had been a long time since I felt the urge to do take the time to do that. For five minutes or so I was totally absorbed with those veggies and come time to eat them, their flavor seemed to sing. It gave me hope. 

As the days become longer and darker it will be even more crucial that creativity be part of my daily life. So I will keep at it. Being gentle with myself even when I feel nothing on the my camera card is worth keeping. For there is a lesson there too. 

Stay safe,
xoxo, Cathy


  1. I understand, Cathy. The ebb and flow of creative work. It’s part of the process. It’s interesting how much how we feel about our work affects how we see the pictures. This collection of photos is so beautiful, nothing so-so here. But I’m looking from the outside. And you are deep in the work, where it’s hard to see sometimes. I’m happy that you are still at it. Though there is never any shame in stepping away. Everything has it’s season.

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