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True confession: I’m a chronic project-taker-onner, (it’s a word, I promise), and there’s nothing more inviting to me than the start of the new year for the start, renewal, and resurrection of a good project. I’ve done a ton of 365 projects – enough that I hardly think about shooting daily, it’s just become a habit. I’ve tackled #100days projects, both successfully and with wonderfully miserable failure. I’ve gone for summer projects and winter projects, phone and big camera, lettering, exercise, eating, you name it, I’ve probably at least given it a go. It’s very much just a part of who I am, and I’ve accepted that.

And now 2021 is actually within our sights. I intend on continuing my 365 shooting.

I have plans for something new for my photo business that I’m super excited about, exploring some of folks’ most special places (Deborah’s recent post struck SUCH a note for me in this way!).

I was given a really simple daily art practice book for my birthday that I’ve been waiting to kick off in the new year. It’s called One Color a Day by Courtney Cerruti, and I’ve got a new set of watercolors and brushes headed my way in preparation!

This last one is a bigger mystery for me than the others. I would love to try to shoot a roll of film a week for the whole year. I’m not a complete stranger to film, but it’s definitely existed more as a whim sort of thing for me in recent years. But, as has been noted often here in these pages, there’s something magical about film that simply doesn’t exist in digital photography. At the moment, one of its joys for me is that it’s a time capsule – I often go WAY too long before getting things developed and so uncover all sorts of forgotten moments. I want to explore with it, to dream, imagine and give a little bit of that extra magic to our daily lives.

Whew. Too much? Maybe, but I just have to try. How about you? Are you a project-holic like I am? What are you looking to see in the new year? I’d love to hear all about it!

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  1. Cheering you on for a film 365!! I just got mine organized into books and have been printing them (there’s 4). I’m going to give them to my Dad for Christmas since he’s not on social media and doesn’t get to enjoy my photography as much.

  2. Alison, I’m a project-person, too! I’ve been thinking of a few ideas. Since I lean toward a very minimal decor in my home, I have a good many houseplants (which seem to fill the rooms with nature and green and softness). I’ve had a fun time learning the names of each plant – ponytail palm, rattlesnake fern and so on. I thought it might be fun to create a kind of plant catalog, where I take creative pictures of each houseplant. I’d like to try for some really different views. I also had an idea to do a project called, Sundays, and take one photo for each Sunday of 2021. Sunday is my least favorite day of the week (insert long story), and I thought doing something creative on Sundays might elevate this day of the week and help me to get my week off to a good start. And I have an ongoing project where I take a picture and send it to a friend – she responds and we go back and forth. We’re aiming for a year long project. It’s been so much fun!! Now, you’ve inspired me to think about film – AGAIN! Thanks so much for helping me to see I’m not alone in the project way of life!

    • Ooo I love your catalog idea, and the Sundays, yes! Sundays are heavy in our house too, and having some kind of levity sounds perfect. Bring on the projects!!

  3. I like projects, too, but sometimes they overwhelm me. That said, projects provide good motivation for DOING! The film project sounds fabulous.

    • Absolutely – I love that excuse to make it happen! I’m excited about the film too πŸ™‚

  4. So many projects! I’m also excited to see the film one. Yeah…I get overwhelmed by what I could do, then I end up not doing anything πŸ™ I haven’t thought about 2021 yet…this post is giving me some ideas though. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration, Alison.

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