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Viewfinders Manifesto: BEAUTY

We believe that the beauty of photography can be found in the practice AND in the result.

I love many of our statements in our Manifesto, but this might be one of my favorites. Photography isn’t always about the image. You can learn so much simply from the practice of photography.

One important lesson photography has taught me to see the world differently.

I see light and shadows differently.
Komorebi stops me in my tracks.
It has also taught me that life is seasonal. Things always change, but there are some markers that reveal the things we can count on.

I have a Japanese Magnolia that blooms every winter and brings me hope each year. I have captured her with film and digital and almost on every lens I own. I can count on her blooms to inspire me each January to get my camera out.

She began blooming last week. There are only a few flowers right now and they were all on the top of my tree. I had to get my husband’s 100-400mm out to capture them. She is full of small little buds and I can’t wait to capture her throughout the month.

Once again, my tree reminds me that no matter how dark and cold the winter and the world might be, I will still hang onto hope.

Keep searching for light, hope, and beauty, with our without your camera.

~Staci Lee Kennelly


  1. Your tree photos, months ahead of ours, have become a pre-game harbinger of spring for me. They keep my hope alive in the bleakest months. I always look forward to them!

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