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Typically, February is a tough month here due to the cold and snow.  It’s this month when the cabin fever sets in and thoughts turn to spring.  I had a feeling it would be particularly tough this year due to the pandemic.  With this in mind, I knew I needed to keep myself busy.  I devised a plan to use this time to stretch myself and learn new things.

I registered for an online class at The Los Angeles Center for Photography – Self-Publish & Design Your Own Photo Book with Elizabeth Avedon.   I’m halfway through and learning so much.  However, each class is three hours long so I will say that I have a whole new appreciation for all the teachers and students in Zoom classrooms! While class ends this coming weekend, my book is a long term project that will keep me busy for many months ahead.

As February is now coming to an end, my thoughts turn to last year when we were first in self quarantine. I remember how they hoped it would only take a few weeks to flatten that curve. How wrong they were. In thinking of all the boundaries imposed on us, I began to play with photographs, merging and layering. Kinda quirky and not my usual style but it was fun to change things up, to look at things a little differently.

So spring, you can arrive any time now.

And maybe we can start breaking through a few of those boundaries.

With optimism,




  1. Susan, Your post today touches on a shift I am experiencing in my own life. I’ve come to see it as a season of ‘unlearning’ where I find myself returning to my childhood self – free and willing to take risks and just see what happens, willing to embrace a beginner’s mindset. I see this shift in your work, too. And I LOVE these photos – different from your usual style and yet still you. Sometimes when I change, there is a degree of push back from friends who have grown accustomed to the ‘old’ me. I understand this. But I am reminded of a beautiful quote from Alice Walker – “No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.” Here’s to witnessing your growth!

    • Yes, you can’t grow if you only work to please your friends. It’s all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, taking risks and challenging yourself…even if it means failing sometimes. Thanks, Donna.

  2. Susan, you have such a way with light and composition; these images are just wow!
    Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  3. Your class sounds marvelous, Susan! And anything that opens you up to seeing brand new possibilities, especially now, is a good thing. As for the multilples, I think they are terrific.

    • Thanks, Debbie, it is a wonderful class and this teacher is the best. Glad you like the multiples…I’m still on the fence.

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