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This past year during the pandemic, I have truly grappled with my creative side. I am not kidding . It’s been like an all out brawl with that side of me. I know from experience that creating while stressful can be an emotional release that is needed- I have done some of my best creative work while in the weeds of depression and anxiety. This pandemic however, has truly led to a stagnation of my creative brain. Photography has carried me to the other side of many hard times during my life, but I cannot say that this has been true with the pandemic. I have found myself leaning in to the simplest of creative outlets like coloring, or making an Animal Crossing town. Making pictures in the early months of the pandemic especially, only made my heart ache for all that we were not doing. All the the life we were not living. By summer and fall, I was beginning to at the very least make images with my phone- My kids were changing before my eyes and didn’t want to not catalog the time. I knew that it would make me sad, even if I didn’t want to physically move from the sofa. So I did it. And then the winter came and I was inspired by a really cool show that I watched to open an app on my phone that I had only played with a handful of times before. The show is called Dark, and the app is called MirrorImage.

Dark, in the simplest explanation, is about time and space. What if there was a parallel, mirrored life running right along the life we were currently living? (Maybe it was wishful thinking right now too. What if there is a mirror us out there living life pandemic free? ) What if there was more than one? And what would happen if we found out about it? It’s a mind fuck I know, but , it made for a interesting program. And this show, with it’s content and imagery, I was inspired me to make some fun mirror images. Some images below are new, and some are older. I think it’s fun to dive in to a catalog and see something with fresh eyes. All of the images below were made with the free app, MirrorImage, and processed with either A Color Story App, or Hipstamatic app. All shot on iPhone . I love the mind bending, strange effect of these images. It personifies a lot of misplaced thoughts and emotions that I have had this very strange year.

Have you been having fun with any photo apps or techniques that feel different than what you are used to? What are some ways you are making your insides match your outsides creatively?

Strangely and Unusually yours,


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