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A few weeks ago, my talented friend and fellow Viewfinder, Maite Pons, posted a beautiful image full of bokeh. It reminded us of the glory days of Flicker when Wednesdays were declared Bokeh Wednesday, and we would fill our timelines with bokehlicious images. Today, as a community, we are doing the same.

I took this photo back in January, 2010, with my new “big girl camera,” a Canon Rebel Xsi. I was at the mall, waiting for my daughter and her friend to finish their shopping, so I passed the time testing out the camera’s various settings, and the focus on my 50mm lens. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. But I took some shots around the mall anyway, and then spotted this row of hangers in J. Crew and pressed the shutter button. When I checked the resulting image, I was astonished to see the magical, sparkly bokeh created by the row of hangers. It was a very happy accident! –lucy

Thorns, droplets and bokeh craziness, in the woods after a rainstorm. Shot with a Helios lens just as the sun was beginning to poke through. –Susan

Subtle bokeh and diamonds. Shot with an 85mm macro lens at one of my many mid-pandemic part time jobs. — Jenny W.

blurry landscape with bokeh lights

As the sunlight fades and the lights of the city begin to emerge, there is peace in being able to dull my focus and relax. Shot with my 35 mm lens just after sunset. –Angie

I was happy to catch this bokeh while standing beneath a cherry blossom tree. This was taken on a cold and windy day, but when I look at it now, I hardly remember the chill or wind at all…I just feel all kinds of dreamy. Which is what bokeh is all about, yes? —michelle

There is a small grove of trees in a park near my house, and it has provided some much-needed beauty over the last couple of years. The walk over, the anticipation of the quality of light, the search for photographs – it’s all part of the nourishment found in the practice. And I’m grateful for it all. – Chinwe

Bokeh is a State of Mind. It’s about opening up. Inhaling and letting all the good things come in, overwhelm and shimmer over you. And exhaling as you push the shutter to store that memory. Kirstin

Our neighbors told us, when we moved in 18 months ago, that we would get very tired of the deer that roam among us. So far that has not happened. I caught him one morning last June, sunbathing in the this yummy light, just waiting for me to run and get my camera. Cathy

Catching that golden sunshine through the trees at just the right time is everything. I’m usually chasing my kids around with my camera, and I’m so grateful for this group’s reminder to slow down, and look with a bit more mindfulness. Alison

When I started on Flickr I would spend hours perusing through all of the amazing photographs with bokeh and think, “How do they do that?!”. After a lot of nocturnal reading on my phone, while nursing my newborn daughter, and much, much practice, I was finally able to achieve the effect. From then on, and in spite of many photographers today claiming that the blurry technique is dated, I have been hooked to its magical haze. #bokehisnotdead Maite

Summer and creamy film bokeh – it doesn’t get much better than that. ~ Jenny G.

When I first started my photography journey, I fell in love with a few things rather quickly. Bokeh was one of those things. First, I wanted to learn how to capture it, then I couldn’t stop. I love the magic and mystery it conveys. ~Staci Lee

Last year’s succulents on my table outside in September. It was only the second time I pulled out my DSLR for a shoot! And as always, I can’t resist a little shallow depth of field with succulent bokeh all around. ~ Holly

In ye olde Flickr days as I was learning the ropes, the images that caught my eye and imagination and that I commented on most were often the most bokeh-licious. These days, when I’m out shooting for fun or for work, I can’t help capture those moments – still distracted by shiny objects. – kim

Chicago in late February. A cold and dreary Sunday afternoon before the snow began to fall. We met up with my husband’s cousin and wandered down this alley to the most amazing restaurant. Cozy with twinkle lights strung everywhere. Incredible food, good conversation, lots of laughter, and giant hugs before we made our way back home. One of my favorite memories and this image take me right back there that day! ~ Laura


  1. Totally agree with Kim! Beautiful images, friends!!

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