National Camera Day

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Cheese! Yesterday was National Camera Day! I have always thought that celebrating National Whatever Days all year long are a little silly, yet I do have to admit I do like this one in particular.

So, please, humor me and let’s celebrate! Whether you shoot with film, use a digital camera, or simply your phone, what cameras do you have, use, and love?

Here’s a list (in no specific order of preference) with a few of my favorites:

  1. Pentax 67ii. I bought this medium format film camera from a contact (and now Stocksy colleague) on Twitter. It is heavy and clunky but it has an amazing quality and produces gorgeous images with the creamiest bokeh. I also have a medium format, auto focus Fujifilm GA645 that I like but I choose my Pentax over that one ALL the time.

2. Canon AE1. One of my favorites, for sure! It’s the first film camera I bought. It was cheap ($100 on Craigslist) and works like a charm. And so easy to use for the beginner I was at the time (and sometimes still feel I am!).

3. Diana F. Technically, I can’t say it is a camera I like because I have never used it. I was gifted a new, imported camera kit two Christmases ago and I still have not shot anything on it. One of my goals this summer is to have fun with it (and maybe write a post about it as well?).

This one my daughter is using is not the one I was gifted; I found it in a garage sale, not sure it works.

4. Canon R5. Yes, I did it. I went for it. It took me a long time to make up my mind and, to be frank, I wasn’t sure I wanted a mirrorless camera but my husband and I looked at the pros and cons and finally decided to buy it. Not very affordable but I had some savings and our school district gave us a bonus this year (uh… thanks, distance learning?) so I don’t really feel that guilty anymore. There is a post by Kim about Canon’s mirrorless R, if you’re further interested.

5. Polaroid GO. I just realized today there is a post by Kirstin on the Polaroid GO, go read about it when you have a chance! This was my Mother’s Day gift this year and it is such a sweet and fun little camera. It will definitely be in my beach bag all summer.

6. iPhone XS Max (or any other phone with a camera, really). Definitely my most used camera and the one I ALWAYS carry with me. I don’t use it as much as I used to (I went through an #iphoneography phase) but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it. Always will.

So that’s my pick. I do have more cameras, analog especially. They’re not very good but most still work. I have picked them up at garage sales, Craigslist, or FB market – one of them my husband found on the street while he was running! I don’t use them all but I have them on display on my fireplace mantel and love when people ask me about them.

Tell me about your favorite cameras and why you love them. Celebrate National Camera Day with us!



  1. So interesting to see your favourite cameras! Thank you for sharing. I am so impressed you can carry the Pentax around; it is such a beast! x

  2. It’s gotta be my Hasselblad 500cm. I do want a Polaroid camera some day though – never owned one. Love this!

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