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Earlier this year, a few friends were beginning their 100 Day Projects and I felt completely inspired by their ideas. Each friend was using a different artistic element drawing from their own curiosities. Although inspired, I couldn’t summon the energy to join. I felt blank despite the gentle encouragement. And then walking through our art room one day, I found it in a messy corner on top of an old cedar chest. Stacks of watercolor paper, oil pastels, and a 2 1/2 inch hole punch.

Somehow the idea of creating something small seemed doable to me. I’ve a long history and a deep love of oil pastels. I used to watch my mom creating with them when I was a child. I’ve always loved the way they smear onto your fingers as you blend colors into the paper. Do any of you remember reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds? I adore that book and thought of it when I began this project. Just one dot. One line. One swirl of color….

And just like that….a project began. I’ve kept it very, very simple when I first began. I created one almost every morning and I capped it at five minutes. I tried not to think about it too much. I simply went with the flow. At first there were lots of simple swirls…

After awhile, I started thinking more about color and how layering similar shades of the same hue create a richness and depth of that hue.

Sometimes the colors are subtle.

Eventually I decided to dabble with paint pens. Dots and swirls and blocks of color mixed in with oil pastels.

Occasionally, I played with negative space.

I tried my hand at dark grays just to see what would happen.

A study of black and white was super fun to play with! Bold. Minimal. Dramatic. Light. They have a completely different feel to them as a set.

I always come back to color, though. The joy in color has been palpable! I love to blend and overlay the colors.

I’ve ventured far beyond the 100 day mark and I’m so grateful to the friends you encouraged me to join them! This project has become a bit of a wonderland for me. I’m happier when I’m creating. I think better and I feel joy more often. I’m not exactly certain where my curiosity will take me tomorrow, but I’m considering adding in more paint pens…perhaps India Ink. Where are you finding joy these days? Are you doing a 100 Day Project? I’d love to hear about it!

~ Laura


  1. I can feel your joy in this, Laura! I love hearing about people’s 100-day projects…love that you kept this simple and scalable…and joyful 🙂
    And yes to The Dot!

  2. This post and this practice of yours spreads and shares your joy, friend. I find it impossible not to smile back at these circles of yours whenever I see them. xo

    • Thank you so much, friend! I appreciate your encouragement and all of the inspiration from your project!!

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