Being Small

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Every day there is a little voice in my head and it says “pick up the camera,” and every day my anxiety or depression gets the best of me. “Eh, tomorrow” I say, “I’ll wake up early, I’ll go out. I’ll make art. Tomorrow.”

This has gone on for months. It’s always tomorrow.

But today I won the battle. Today I really did get up early, I really did go out, I really did make art.

There is no greater magic than being in nature with my tripod and my camera. There’s nothing more spiritual for me than the wind and sun caressing my face, the grass under my feet, and the feeling of creating something while all alone in the big, big world.

I often struggle to find worth or purpose in my art. Everywhere I look there is amazing, beautiful, mind-blowing art and photography. I often feel so small. I often wonder, “why do I create at all?”

But the reason is very simple, even though I rarely remember it. The reason I create is because I love it. Because it makes me happy. And because its actually okay to be small in this very big universe. Small things are still beautiful.


  1. “And because it’s actually okay to be small in this very big universe.” …so much yes to this.
    I’m glad you got out to make art, Jenny. Beautiful.

  2. Hey, I’ve been enjoying your work and self portraits for almost a decade!

  3. Lovely photos and I identify with your words! Maybe you wrote this for me?❤️

  4. That last image! Oof! LOVE your self-portraits so much! So glad you made them <3

  5. grateful to witness your photos and words here !!!

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