Lost Light

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October was a good photography month for me. The weather was perfect and I had just enough free time to get myself outside. Most months I’m lucky to get one good photoshoot in, but in October I did four. It felt amazing to get outside and express myself.

For this shoot my goal was to catch golden hour and place myself up on a tall hill for something classic and magical. But…. I got stuck in traffic… and I had to sadly watch as the sun disappeared behind the trees while I watched break lights stretch endlessly in front of me.

I wanted very much to go home and call it a day once my light was gone but instead I set up in the early minutes of dusk at a completely different location than originally planned. I told myself “I’ll throw these away later but it’s good practice,” and I looked around to let the setting tell me what to create.

Sometimes disappointment can be a blessing in disguise.

I wanted light but instead I got darkness. I rolled with it. I didn’t give up. And the darkness became something far more beautiful than what I had originally planned.

I feel like that’s just how life is sometimes. We want light and love and to have things go our way. But sometimes find ourselves in darkness and disappointed. Of course if we just keep going, if we roll with it, if we don’t give up, we find ourselves in something far more beautiful.

These images have become some of my absolute favorites of the year. So in times when you’ve lost your light remember to keep going.

-Jenny W


  1. These are some of my favorites of yours, as well. I’m glad that you kept them, and in general, I’m glad that you always keep going. You carry the light with you in the dark.

  2. These are grand! And special.
    I thought I was weird because some of my favourite photos I’ve taken are actually past that prime golden hour or past the blue hour yet, to me, they are special.

  3. Wow! These are incredible, Jenny! What a lovely lesson, but also just a fun creative exercise. There’s been so many times when I’ve stayed just a little longer, after the spectacular sunset, once most have turned their backs, and the colors change into something more mysterious and magical. Yes – such a great metaphor for life. Thanks for sharing these with us.

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